Replace AQ-RITE

  • Last Post 17 September 2020
Boze99 posted this 16 September 2020

i have an older Aqua Rite unit installed in 2004. Model AQ-RITE connected to an RS-4 indoor control panel.

the OFF-AUTO-SUPER CHLORINATE button is corroded and diagnostic show many items out of range.

i'd like to replace the entire box and contril boards.

is the GLX-CTL-RITE the cottect replacement. i have a T15 cell that i recently replaced.

want to make sure this board can be controlled by my RS-4 unit.

InyoRob posted this 17 September 2020

Yes, part number GLX-CTL-RITE would be the correct control box for your T15 cell. It would also connect to the RS-4 system. Click Here to View the GLX-CTL-RITE