I have an AQL-PS-4 salt chlorinator with Main Software Revision 2.65 and Display Software Local-04 r3.00. I replaced the Tcell with an aftermarket T-cell 15 which worked find for 3 months. 2 weeks ago the pool started looking green and the the low salt warning came on. Diagnostic panel showed 31.36V, 0.00A, 0000ppm, 86degrees F.

I followed a diagnostic algorithm and checked the various wires for voltage and resistance as follows:

Yel to Yel = 23.2 V

Blue and white: 2.4 ohms

Gray and Purple: 2.6 ohms

Orange to orange <1 VAC

Red to Black < 1VDC


This suggests bad rectifiers based on the algorithm. If you agree, which Rectifiers do I need?


Mike Widick