Good Afternoon,

Quick Background: I purchased a home approximately 2 years ago that had an inground pool that was last than 12 months old (See pictures attached). I have been told it is 10,000 gallons, it is a saltwater system and everything is Hayward head to toe (I can provide model numbers if required for any of the equipment). When I hired a pool maintenance company and the owner came by and quoted my monthly rate, we agreed that the long term goal was to help me learn how to do it myself, since I asked so many questions and had a genuine interest in learning how to maintain my pool. Since the beginning he has even sent me the Taylor SureTreat results that he uses for his commercial customers. Well the time has come and given it is Cyber Monday, I was wondering if you could (1) recommend a pool cleaner that is highly recommended and hopefully on sale and (2) a water testing kit. I have provided some details below to hopefully help you narrow down your recommendation(s). I have received OUTSTANDING SUPPORT from posting questions with INYO pools in the past and I want to purchase from you.

(1) Pool Cleaner: I don't believe a robot cleaner is in my price range. My initial research has pointed towards a Baracuda or one of the similar highly rated nockoffs or maybe something similar. My pool does have a seperate cleaner attachment, so I don't have to use the skimmer. Additionally, one of my pet peaves is pine needles which blow over from the neighbords pine tree. I don't mind using my manual skimmer and pole and the built in skimmer does a good job for debris on the surface except for a few dead spots for the return jets. Note: I admit I would classify myself at minimimally handy, so a device with minimum replacment parts or parts that are easy and hopefully  inexpensive to replace would be ideal.

(2) While they are substantially different in approach and price, my initital research pointed me towards either the (A) Taylor TFT-100 or (B) LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit. I am confused by all the options with the 2005, 2005C, 2006, 2006C, etc. Of note, Ease of use and accuracy are important and I also want to keep the follwing in mind (Y) I need to test my salt levels, but I don't want to spend a lot of extra money to be able to test salt in an all-in-one kit, when I can get a separate testing kit for salt (Z) We have a inexpensive colman inflatable hottub and heater. I need to learn more about hottub water chemistry, but to date I have filled it with balanced pool water and added bromine tablets. As a result, a test kit that can help me test for bromine for the hot tub would be great, but, just like (Y) above, if I can save money by getting a separate bromine testing kit I am open to that, as well.

Bonus: Can you recommend an decent, but inexpensive automatic pool water leveler.

I hope these details were helpful and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

~ Jack