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Radha1428 posted this 23 August 2021

Pool being cleaned every week and checking water PH and adding chlorine.This week found is turning green and when we rub with brush light green coming from the sides and walls?What could be the reason and how to rectify it.



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JCMC70 posted this 23 August 2021


You have an algae bloom. You are going to need to SLAM the pool. But I will need more information before I can help you further.

1.What type of pool? Above ground or in ground?

2.If in ground is it a vinyl lined pool, a gunnite/plaster pool, a fiberglass pool?

3.How many gallons of water does it hold?

4.How do you normally sanitize the pool? Chlorine granules, tablets, liquid chlorine, salt water generator?

5.What is the normal chlorine level you try to keep in the pool?

Please provide current readings for the following:

free chlorine 

total chlorine or combined chlorine 

total alkalinity 


calcium hardness 




Radha1428 posted this 23 August 2021


Thanks for the help,

1. The pool is in ground

2.is gunnite/plaster pool

3.Gallons I donlt know but is curves with 6ft deep in teh ceneter and end to about 35 ft.

4,Chlorine granules

5.last thursday chlorine 3 ph:7.2 alk 80

it turned green from last Friday after Brush,vacuum .



JCMC70 posted this 23 August 2021

Get some fresh numbers. Because your pool is gunnite/plaster the calcium hardness reading is very important. And the CYA/stabilizer reading is critical.

 If you got the chemical readings from a pool store they had to have a water volume to compute them. So ask them how many gallons of water they show for the pool volume.

Please po the complete set of readings when you get them.


Radha1428 posted this 24 August 2021

I will get you the required information as soon as I got them,