pump stuck on screws

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HelpTom posted this 29 September 2017

Have 2hp pump with bad shaft seal which I want to replace.  Disconnected wiring and took off 4 bolts.  The pump is about 5 years old and the rest of the equipment is  Anthony Pool original equipment.  I tried to move the pump in different directions so I could slide if off the screw bolts but can't seem to get it to loosen.  I sprayed a little wd40 to see if that would help.  I thought I shouldnt try to pry it with a screwdriver.  Do you have any suggestions.  I have the replacement seals but I have to get the motor off first.  Thanks

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InyoRob posted this 02 October 2017

Hello Tom - We'd be glad to assist you. Do you know the make and model of the pump? Could you post a picture of the complete pump?

HelpTom posted this 02 October 2017

HelpTom posted this 02 October 2017

Attached is the picture of the Anthony Centrifugal Pool Pump with sq1202 square 2hp motor.  I took off the 4 nuts  but can not get the motor to come off the bolts.  Not sure how to free it and I am assuming I then pull off the seal plate.  Water is leaking below that area.  Trying to get to shaft seal so I can replace it.  Thanks for your help.

InyoRob posted this 03 October 2017

Once you remove those nuts, you should be able to slide the motor back. It isn't uncommon to have to pry the motor and seal plate (key 5) away from the housing.

You can see from the schematic below that the 4 nuts and bolts are the only parts securing the motor and seal plate to the housing.

Anthony Centrifugal Pool Pumps Diagram

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BarryJ posted this 10 June 2021

I was having a lot of trouble breaking the motor away from the pump housing and was afraid I had missed something.  This was very helpful in confirming that the 4 nuts were the only things I neeed to remove and it just took a LOT of prying... two crowbars, an assortment of chisles and old screwdrivers, plus two sledge hammers finally did the trick.  It was a miracle the stud threads didn't get damaged in the process.  It looks like whoever installed the old motor used some sort of white cement to hold it in place - the nuts were not that tight.

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Service posted this 10 June 2021

Hi BarryJ, Thanks so much for posting how you were able to deal with your stuck pool motor bolts, this definitely can be an issue and is a lot of trial & error and ingenunity to free up the motor. Thanks for sharing!

Thank You