• Last Post 04 June 2021
Luanamuller posted this 04 June 2021

Hi, how are you ? I have a problem in my pool, I noticed that the water was not circulating, so I opened the motor pump, I cleaned it, it seems that the pressure was increased, however, when I open the pre-filter cover to start the circulation, it does not suck the water  make a pool, it makes noise not to draw water from the pool, if I connect the water hose inside it, the water goes to the filter but it still doesn't draw water from the pool, so I can throw a lot of water in there but it never  fills up.  what can this problem be?

thanks for listening

Orionthelab posted this 04 June 2021

It sounds like the pump is not priming.  Here's a link to a few different guides that might help...

How To Fix A Pool Pump That Is Not Fully Primed

How To Determine Why a Pool Pump Won't Prime