Pool size 21 x 41

  • Last Post 27 June 2019
Sam123 posted this 25 June 2019

I am looking for replacement parts for a 21 x 41 pool.  I basically need most of the parts that would go underground.  Bottom rails, 5/8in, 56"-3/8" long    I am also replacing the lower joints.


Should I replace the tension straps?  They look usable..



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InyoRob posted this 25 June 2019

Thank you for contacting Inyo. Unfortunately, the above ground pool parts are not universal.

Could you send us the following images?

  • Outside Pool Wall (top to bottom)
  • Top Cap
  • Top Rail
  • Bottom Plate

If you have trouble posting the images to the forum, reply to the email notification with pictures. You can also email pictures to agparts@inyopools.com.

Sam123 posted this 27 June 2019

Thanks for the reply.  I have done some research and the 21 x 41 pool is made by Mighty Sun.  I found some part numbers

that match the part numbers on the top rails.

Let me know if this helps.  

I would need 

part 1621  bottom rails that are 5/8in Rail(56-3/8)    22 would make up the bottom

part 2276 Lower Joint (14 total)

Part 3233 Lower Oval Side Joints (8total)

Part 7285 Center Staps

part 7223 End Straps

I would also need single wall seam hardware.  We are also looking at liners to fit the 21 x 41 size

I can send pictures as well if that would be better  

Thank you


InyoRob posted this 27 June 2019

The Mighty Sun is an Asahi brand pool. Unfortunately, we do not carry parts for Asahi. We recommend trying https://www.asahiparts.com/