Pool Pump recommendation

  • Last Post 19 June 2017
mudhog posted this 17 June 2017

I currently have a 19,000 in ground pool with 1 1/2" plumbing.  A bottom drain and a side skimmer with individual return lines that join together in a T connection just in front of the 1 HP, SF 1.1 Hayward/A0 Smith pump (SP-1607), then up to a 60 GPM, 24" diameter Hayward sand filter.  From the filter, it goes out in another 1 1/2" line and splits into 3 lines; two for the sweeper/side jets and 1 for the main port (where we connect our Polaris cleaner).  We have ball joints in the discharge lines so we can control the amount of flow directed to each line.  Lately, it seams the Polaris doesn't move and vacuum well, even after we've backwashed the sand filter and turned off the side skimmer jets so most, if not all, the flow from the pump is directed to the main port for the Polaris.  We've rebuilt the polaris and it seems to function okay when all the flow from the filter/pump is directed to the main port line.    

The plumbing for the pool is all pretty straight with as few bends as possible, and the pump and filter only sit about 18 inches above the elevation of the water surface in the pool

I want more pressure coming out of the pump and filter to run the Polaris AND the sweeper jets at the same time.  If I just buy a bigger pump (say a 1 1/2 HP motor) will it do anything for me, or am I going to not see much difference because my plumbing lines or filter won't handle the increased power put out by the pump?

Service posted this 19 June 2017

HI Mudhog,

Thank you for the detailed post. You will be restricted by the 1.5" lines to 60 GPM as that is the most water that can physically go through that pipe. I would suggest plumbing as much 2" pipe going directly into the pump as possible, ideally a 12" to 18" straight run of 2" pipe directly into the intake of the pump, this creates a trough effect that will give you a higher GPM than the 60 GPM achieved by 1.5" plumbing. I would also suggest increasing the HP on the pump to 1.5 HP and going with a pump like the PL2602 PureLine Prime 1.5 HP Pump. I hope this helps.

Thank You