Pool Pipe from skimmer to pump clogged

  • Last Post 09 November 2021
GilliganBG posted this 08 November 2021

I use my deep end skimmer for supplying DE to my pool's filter.  It looks like the pipe connecting this skimmer to the filter is clogged.  Does DE in the pipes cause clogging?

InyoRob posted this 09 November 2021

It's possible that the line could get clogged if too much DE is poured in at once. I'd get a drain cleaning bladder and blow out the line.

1. Turn off the pump.
2. Set the valves so water can only flow from the skimmer to the pump.
3. Remove the pump lid and insert this bladder into the intake port of the pump. 
4. Turn on the hose. The water pressure should dislodge the clogged line and shoot up through your deep end skimmer.


Medium Drain Cleaning Bladder 99942 alternate photo #1