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nurseregistered posted this 31 March 2020

I need new ledge covers. The pool I have is very old and the covers hae degraded. I don't want to purchase a new pool just because I need new ledge covers! The kind I need is part # 1490190, which is no longer available. Is there another product similar to this one that will fit? I sure hope so! DO you have any suggestions?

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InyoRob posted this 31 March 2020

Unfortunately, part number 1490190 was discontinued by the manufacturer and they do not offer a suitable replacement.

nurseregistered posted this 31 March 2020

Can I change the tracts on the top of my pool and get the tops to fit the different tracts?

InyoRob posted this 31 March 2020

You'd have to change all the top rails and top caps. What is the size of the pool? What is the total number of top rails on the pool? 

nurseregistered posted this 31 March 2020

I have a 52x24 above ground pool. I would have to count how many rails I would need.(probably at least 12) I don't even know what kind of pool I have because I bought it from another person off the internet and can't find the name of it anywhere on the pool. I do know it's an older model because of the ledge covers being discontinued ( just my luck!). Based on the information during my search It's possible it's a reggal? pool ....by Wilbar. Do you think I could make the item 1030033F00 work?, it's shaped almost like the other model and the holes for the screws are the same width apart and are essentially in the place they need to be.

InyoRob posted this 01 April 2020

Could you send us the following images? That way we can ID the exact model

  • Outside Pool Wall (top to bottom)
  • Top Cap
  • Top Rail
  • Top Plate

If you have trouble posting the images to the forum, reply to the email notification with pictures. You can also email pictures to agparts@inyopools.com.