Pool motor stuck to pump

  • Last Post 31 August 2020
johna498 posted this 29 August 2020

I have an Anthony Bronze pool pump. It started leaking so I looked to take it apart to install a new seal.

The bolts came off OK but the motor will not come off the pump body. I'm waiting for it to cool so I can cover it with WD-40.

Then I noticed the motor is missing a chunk of its housing by where one bolt used to be.

Can I ever hope to get a good seal without replacing the motor? If not I'm wondering if it isn't time to replace the whole unit.

Anthony Pump

InyoRob posted this 31 August 2020

My suggestion would be to start looking for a replacement pump. I'm not convinced you'll get a good seal if you do manage to get it back together. Plus, parts for that pump are becoming very scarce.

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