Pool Lighting Technologies

  • Last Post 09 May 2018
Fernando posted this 08 May 2018

Good Afternoon,

My name is Fernando Miramontes, with AESC Inc., an engineering consulting firm partnering with the Southern California Edison utility in doing a brief market research study regarding commercial and residential pool lighting technologies. Our goal is to hopefully get your interpretation as to the lighting technologies trending towards industry standard practice.

We’re interested in reaching out to as many manufacturers and distributors, to get a sense of the adoption of LED lighting in existing pool systems. In general, would you conclude that LED lighting in these types of applications is becoming the standard, with older incandescent and halogen offerings becoming more antiquated? Or, on the contrary, is your interpretation that LED fixtures and lamps are still considered an energy efficient alternative to conventional incandescent technology, and being adopted by Customer’s based on the energy savings?

We appreciate any feedback you can provide and your support in continuing to improve upon the Utility energy programs.

InyoRob posted this 09 May 2018

Hello Fernando - LEDs are the preferred light for new pool builds as well as people looking to upgrade their current pool light. Some people are looking for energy efficiency. However, the number one reason for choosing an LED pool light seems to be the ability to change colors.

We still sell quite a few incandescent and halogen pool fixtures. The reason people choose those lights typically comes down to the upfront cost. They are quite a bit cheaper than the LED versions.