I have a Hayward Model SP-540-Z-1 light in the shallow end of my 24x14 inground pool. There is no label on the fixture to indicate voltage or wattage but there is no transformer near the junction box.  The unit has leaked and completely flooded and I'm not sure where the leak is but I suspect it might be at the cable connection.  Given the age of the unit (20 Yrs) I'd like to replace it with a new Pentair unit because the reviews are better than the Hayward units.  I haven't been able to read the Model No. of the niche but I believe it is also Hayward. I'm not sure of the routing of the conduit but I think it is about 45'.  Eventually I'd like to use an LED unit but can replace the incandesent bulb at a later time.  Can you suggest the appropiate replacement?