We have an inground gunite pool that we had replastered last summer. When they reinstalled the pool light, I think they broke the niche ring (where the pilot screw and hinge/hook are). The light hangs out a good 2-3 inches (I know it should have some space/not be totally flush). I tried getting in the water and "fixing" it. When looking into the niche as I unscrewed the light, I could see the screw hole metal starting to bend. I didn't fully unscrew the light at that point. Rather I just screwed it back in as tightly as I could since we had a party the next day. I was able to get it closer to the wall, but after the party, it is now back out I think even further. I would call the company that did the job, but we ended an bad terms.

Anyone have suggestions? Has anyone tried a pool niche repair ring? Something else? I would love to try and do this myself without draining the pool if possible. I think the light is a Pentair if that matters