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Jason2016 posted this 14 June 2016

I recently replaced 2 bulbs in my pool light , light works fine , no issues to report I'm just curious to the safety of it . I did the replacement myself purchased a new gasket and bulbs sealed it pretty good. Is there any electrical danger from not sealing the fixture correctly ? Lights come on but I'm just nervous to use the pool at night until I feel safe . Checked water with back of hand and nothing as far as a current.

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InyoDennis posted this 15 June 2016

Jason – It sounds like you were successful in sealing the new bulbs, otherwise, they would not be working. The key to preventing electric shocks in a pool is to make sure the lights are connected to a working GFCI receptacle. These units are designed to trip the circuit in 1/30 of a second. Have a licensed professional check these pool GFCIs every year to ensure they are in good working order. They are often ignored for years and if the wiring deteriorates, they can fail.

InyoDennis posted this 15 June 2016

I should also add that you should check that the lights are properly bonded to the bonding grid. See Steps 7,8 and 17 of our guide on "How to Build an In-Ground Pool". This is something that should have been done when the pool was installed. You may have to have a licensed electrician check this. Note that bonding and grounding are not the same.

Jason2016 posted this 17 June 2016

Thank you , it's bonded and grounded from what I know and see.

paulkb posted this 16 January 2017



A number of years ago I purchase 4 by Savi PL -12 pool lighhs that have all died. (12v Led - multi colour with capability to run from automation.

As I understand it the lights have been discontinued and was wondering if you could suggest replacement light fittings that will fit the Hayward SP0601U niches I have installed in the pool?

I have' cables to the niches with transformers so simply looking for replacment light fittings with similar capability - multicolor, led etc.







InyoRob posted this 16 January 2017

Hello Paul - We'd be glad to assist. The only LED light we carry that will fit the SP0601U niche is the Hayward Universal Colorlogic spa light. They won't be as bright as the old SAVI lights but it's the only option at this point.

Thank you for shopping with INYO!

Service posted this 18 January 2017

Hi Paul,

I believe this PureColors 12V 50' Cord LED Color Changing Light will work in the SP0601U, this is a Pentair Spa Brite Fixture with a PureColors LED Color Chaning bulb inside. Any route you go, you will not be able to splice your old cord, so you will need to pull the new light cords through the conduit.

Thank You



Thank You



19JMJ67 posted this 16 July 2019

I have a pool light and need a new gasket. The pool is 12 years old. The light had the following: Wet-niche Underwater Luminaire For Swimming Pool, No. Y-059258, Label #98700600. Across the top of the label is E41117. Pentair Pool Products. 

ASwenson posted this 17 September 2020

 Need to replace my pool light. My old light is a Hayward ColorLogic model number SP0525SLED100. Not exactly sure what niche I have but the old light says use with housing model's SP0600U, SP0607U, SP0604C or SP0609C. What light do I need to order. The pool was installed in 2007. Thanks 

Bocephus posted this 23 May 2021

Hi ASwenson, Did you ever figure out what niche you have? I am in the same boat. My pool was built around 2008 and I need to replace the same Hayward ColorLogic light. I want to try the J&J Electronics ColorSplash, but it is only compatible with SP0600U and SP0604C. Thanks...

InyoRob posted this 24 May 2021

Hello Bocephus - The J&J should fit your niche as long as it doesn't look like the shallow version pictured below.

Image for UCL All Plastic Niche, Shallow, Concrete (Expert Line) from Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products