I am needing some help with my pool. A few months ago we had a tornado take out our equipment.  We are going to fix the equipment. The pump is good just need replace the filter.  We are planning on getting that done soon.  

My issue is that I am having a hard time finding a pool person to come and drain the pool and possibly acid wash. 

I'm also concerned about the different debris that could be in the pool.  I know that there are branches in there.  I also believe that part of our fence is in the pool besides what could have came in from our neighborhood.  

Our shed is in our next door neighbor house


Does any one that lives in Central Florida for pool company's that can help with the repair and clean up. 

I'm at a loss of how to get help. 

I am looking for a company in Deland, Orange city, Sanford, Orlando that came help. 



Richard Rix