pool heater question

  • Last Post 12 June 2021
brucecam posted this 08 June 2021

my jandy lj325n pool heater   the display temp is set at 90 degrees   it goes from 80 to 90 then shuts off in 10 minutes instead of running for 4 to 5 hours straight   is this the high temp sensor or the digatel display   if it is the sensor do i have to remove the manifold to get at it?  thank you

Service posted this 12 June 2021

Hi Bruce,

The troubleshooting on these Jandy heaters can get quite complex. I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer Jandy directly for troubleshooting through this link https://www.jandy.com/en/support. Jandy does not sell direct to the public but we can provide you any of the replacement parts they suggest and those parts can be purchased directly through our Jandy LJ325N Replacement Parts Page.

Thank You