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Mulvey posted this 16 December 2016

I have an above ground 18x33, how many btu's will that require and I'm looking for electric powered equipment. Since I'm interested in electric does that mean I'm limited to a heat pump?

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InyoRob posted this 19 December 2016

Hello Mulvey - The most energy efficient option would be a heat pump. However, there are electric heaters that can do the job. They do require more power. For example, your pool would require something around 24kw. A 24kw electric heater would require 100 amps. It may be worth contacting an electrician to see how much it would be to install that type of heater. It can get very expensive.

If you answer the following questions, we can recommend a heat pump.

  • What is the nearest major city?
  • What temperature would you like to maintain? (82 -85 degrees is standard)
  • Do you want to heat the pool year round or just extend the pool season by a few months in the spring and fall?
  • What is the square footage of the pool? (For example, a 40' X 20' pool would be 800 sq. ft.)
  • What is the average depth of the pool?
  • Do you have high wind conditions from a lake, ocean or open field with winds over 20 mph consistently?
  • Will the pool heat pump receive direct, partial or no sunlight?
  • Will you be using a solar blanket?


Mulvey posted this 19 December 2016

Thanks. I live in Sayville, New York which is on Long Island. The average temp range is sufficient and I'm looking to extend the season. The pools depth is 52" and 594 sq'. I do not have any issues from a lake and the pump would receive minimal sunlight. I do utilize a solar blanket.

InyoRob posted this 19 December 2016

Based on your location and pool size, we would recommend something around 125k btu's. The Hayward model HP21254T is a 125k btu unit that would meet the specifications needed. Let me know if you have any further questions.

daddy2kids posted this 29 January 2017

I bought a pool heater. It is a solar pool heater. Very convenient and easy to use.

Before I made my decision to buy, i searched the net for recommendations from others who have already bought.

This is the review I read and it has some good suggestions.

Pool heater reviews

InyoRob posted this 30 January 2017

Thank you for coming back and giving us an update. Let us know how the solar heater works out once swim season rolls around.