Pool Cover Question

  • Last Post 12 May 2021
hicks86 posted this 12 May 2021

I live in SoCal and in the spring and summer months the winds are pretty serious. I also have palm trees and other trees in the neighborhood that blow frawns and leaves in the pool. Also, since I am in the high desert, a lot of airborn dirt from the wind ends up in my pool. When I bought the house there was an automatic pool cover, however it was so old and outdated I had to remove it entirely. I do not want to put another automatic pool cover in, since the houseing took up so much space, but I do think that I need to put something over the pool to keep the dirt and debris out during the hight winds. I'm constantly having to brush and vacuume the pool, and algea is a constant problem. Is there a cost effective cover that would work for my issue? I feel like the solar covers may not do the trick. Thank you.  

Service posted this 12 May 2021

Hi Hicks86,

I'm thinking one of our Winter Covers may do the trick as they are sturdier than the solar covers and are not too heavy, plus they are not crazy expensive, so if it does not end up working for your particular situation then you have not made a huge investment. Here is a link to our Swimming Pool Winter Covers.

Thank You