• Last Post 07 January 2019
andybo posted this 07 January 2019

Hi , I am replacing a 1.5 hp Haywood Super Pump and it has 1.5 inch inlet and outlet and the MPV has 1.5 inch inlet/outler as well.  The plumbing coming fron the pool is all 2 inch that gets reduced to 1.5 inch after the shut-off valves and prior to entering the pump.  Should I upgrade the pump and MPV to 2 inch to take advantage of the 2 inch plumbing or does it not matter that it gets reduced to 1.5 inch at the pump and filter?



InyoRob posted this 07 January 2019

Hello Andy - Thank you for contacting Inyo. Since the pool is plumbed for 2", I would make the switch to a pump and valve with 2" ports. There won't be as much resistance to the water flow with the larger ports.