Pentaire Ultratemp 140 problem

  • Last Post 13 May 2021
jjjday posted this 12 May 2021

Ultratemp 140 electric heat pump cycling on and off when spa reaches about 94 although set at 103. Then it waits five minutes, tries again and repeats. We have no one within 200 miles to work on it--Filters are new.  I have read thermal regulator possibly part 474242 but cannot find one.  I also read low refrigerant, by pass valve replacement, compressor, thermistor and more.  We do not have a clue where to start.  Any help is appreciated.

Service posted this 13 May 2021


Swimming Pool Heat Pump can be complex and this really is one product line where we suggest that a professional work on it. I would give Pentair Pool a call and let them know the issues you are running into and they should be able to put you in touch with someone. If not then I would also check the dealer locators for Hayward Pool, Zodiac Pool and AquaCal as all of these units are similar, so if someone is knowledgeable in one of the other Heat Pumps then they can work on the Pentair. If the dealer does determine the parts needed then let us know as we can supply you with the parts. One last option is to reach out to Heating and Air Conditioning companies in your area as many times they also work on swimming pool heat pumps as they are similar to the Heat Pumps used for homes. I hope this helps!

Thank You