PacFab PF-400 Stainless Steel Sand Media Filter

  • Last Post 28 September 2020
CarleoLA posted this 28 September 2020

Does anyone know if the repair parts for the PacFab PF-35/50 fit the pre-2009 PacFab PF-400 or PF-700?

InyoRob posted this 28 September 2020

We were unable to find a Pac-Fab stainless steel sand filter with a model number of PF-400 or PF-700. We found a Stainless steel SH-400 cartridge filter and a Pac-fab PF-700 Hydropump. 

If you have an old stainless steel Pac-Fab stainless steel sand filter, the parts from the PF-35 and PF-50 should work.

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