Opening the pool

  • Last Post 10 May 2021
thewedge posted this 09 May 2021

We just opened the pool for the summer and after pulling off the cover and starting the pump that there was a salty look to the water. Then I brushed my hand acrfoss the bottom of the pool and it was like sand. It's never been this ruff on the bottom of the pool. I sweep the whole pool, but it's still a little ruff. The pool is a inground 25,000 gal.  any clues as to why the bottom of the pool is so ruff would be appreciated. I checked the chems and the PH is a little high and the chlorinne is low. So I adjusted the chems but no surface change yet.

Service posted this 10 May 2021


I'm not sure what that substance would be. I would suggest continuing to vacuum and cleaning your filters regularly for the next week or two as when you vacuum that debris will be going back to your filter. I would also make sure to have your chemicals within the standard range, don't let your chlorine or stabilizer levels get low.

Thank You