No Free Chlorine reading

  • Last Post 01 June 2020
quiche posted this 29 May 2020

 I opened the pool on Sunday 5/17 water was fairly clear. test showed a little low in alkalinity , low stabilization and no chlorine reading. I added 3 lbs of baking soda and 2lbs.of shock. Also 6 tabs in the chlorinator. . pool was vacuumed and backwashed and added more shock at least 12 lbs. in the last week. still no free chlorine reading. we had water tested and was told to add phosphate free a few days later metal free. If ph tested a little low we added PH+. we noticed that the Stabilization level was 0. so we added 4 lbs. of stabilizer and a few days later 1 gallon of instant liquid stabilizer,  Still no free chlorine reading. Currently the readings are ok total hardness, ok alkalinity, ok  PH but low stabilization and no free chlorine reading but a reading of 3 for total chlorine.  what should I do next,? the water looks clear.

lwfri1 posted this 01 June 2020

Did you add chlorine after adding stabalizer or only before? Is the weather where you are very hot? Without stabalizer, which is what you had initially chlorine drops quickly. You did not give pool size. Water was clear, but did you have organic matter in bottom of pool? I generally open my pool (18x39) with 10 gal of liquid shock followed by 5 more gal a day or two later. Free chlorine is gererally zero until I get it clean and add stabalizer.