New Spa light cord stuck in conduit 100 feet out... HELP

  • Last Post 23 June 2020
Vados09 posted this 28 May 2020

Spa light conduit is around 150 feet and we managed to pull old cord out but it was connected to new cord and it snapped half way in. Ground wire ripped coming from the niche after we tried to pull it out using 4 x 4.. AND fish tape is also stuck from junsction box about 25 feet deep now.. HELP!!!

Anyone have any ideas ? 

Also if the conduit is done any other oprions to have a spa light ? drill new hole for niche and install new junction box closer to spa but I cnat even imagine how much that will be? 

Im running out of ideas and super mad at myself because the spa light worked before but its been there for 20 years so eventually I would run into this anyways..

I appriciate any recommendations at this point.


MSCampbell posted this 23 June 2020

Similar situation.  My conduit was broke.  I had to put a metal fish tape in conduit. Put a cable locator on fish tape to locate the general area where tape ended. From both directions. Was same general area, within a foot or so. Then the fun part... dig!  Found conduit and repaired.