New Pump and Salt Generator Selection Help

  • Last Post 21 August 2018
mattide posted this 21 August 2018

I need some recommendations for a new pump and salt water generator. I currently have a 1 1/2 HP Hayward Superpump, PB40 booster pump for the Polaris, and a Pentair Mastertemp 400 Propane Heater. This is all on a 60 AMP circuit out at the pool. Also on this circuit is two 500W underwater lights, and the pool is 20,000 gallons gunite.

I would like to convert to salt and need to purchase a new variable speed pump to replace the 1 1/2 HP Hayward Superpump, and a new salt chlorine generator. I would like everthing to work on 115V as I do not have 220V out at the pool and it will be very expensive for me to add it. The only variable speed pump I can find that operates at 115V is the Pentair 342001 unless you sell others. My questions:

1) Which salt generator would you recommend to go along with this?

2) Will this setup operate on the 60A 115V circuit?

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InyoRob posted this 21 August 2018

The Hayward 115V VS pumps are only .85HP. The Pentair 342001 is the best option we could find for a 1.5HP 115V VS pump. 

The salt system we would recommend is the PureLine Crystal Pure model PL7700. The PL7700 will treat up to 40k gallons.

All of the equipment can be on a 60A 115v circuit. 

mattide posted this 21 August 2018

OK Great. Would the Pentair IC40 be a better choice for the salt system since it is Pentair and could 'talk' to and control the Pentair pump? Otherwise do people just put it on two separate timers? Seems like even though it's more expensive it may be worth having it control the pump if there are advantages.

InyoRob posted this 21 August 2018

The Intellichlor (IC40) would not control the pump. Unless you already have a Pentair control system, you'll need a timer for the salt system. One timer could control the salt system (IC40 or PL7700) and provide power to the Superflo VS.

Since the pump has a built-in timer, you'd wire it to the "line" side of the external timer. This way it always has power. The salt system would then get wired to the "load" side of the timer.