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Ytandrs posted this 13 March 2021

I replaced my single speed motor (C48k2n143b1) with the V-Green 1.65hp (ECM16CU).  Motor seems to run fine for the most part but I had a few questions and I can't seem to find answers online.

My pressure gauge was broken and I also just replaced that.  When I turn on override I get 10PSI, I just to sit about 12PSI in the past, but figured that was fine.  If I run the pump on a low speed I get little to no PSI.  I assume that is OK?

Recently I noticed bubbles coming out of my return jets.  Not huge bubbles.  They were not consistnet, but frequent enough to notice.  Then I noticed that my pump would still be running but no water movement.  Are these both signs of loosing prime?  This only seems to happen on the lowest two speed settings.  Does this just mean that the motor may not be strong enough on the lowest 2 settings or is this probably another problem?  I recently vacuumed and that functioned fine and I seem to get very good flow on the highest setting.

I chatted with the Inyopool team and some other people to confirm this motor wouldn't be undersized, so I don't suspect that is the issue.

I also tried detecting air leaks, but I can't seem to find anything with bubbles.

InyoRob posted this 13 March 2021

It is normal to see little or no PSI if running on the lowest speeds. However, you won't be able to use the lowest speeds if the pump is not staying primed. On my pool, I have to keep the pump speed above 30% for it to work correctly.

If you are not seeing air bubbles on the highest speeds, I wouldn't worry about that issue. 

This motor has a higher total HP than the original motor, 1.65 vs 1.1. Once you figure out your minimum speed, it will work fine.

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