Need Replacement pool pump, which one?

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Anthony1234 posted this 04 May 2019

Hi guys,


My Pool pump starts up but then turns off really quickly and I have to reset the breakers.  Also I saw smoke come out it once.  I think replacing it is all I need to do to fix the problem, it's an old pump.  I have a Hayward Tristar, mdoel: T63CXDEM-1689, .99 THP;  0.5 FRHP 1.94SF, Volts: 208-230/115, Amps: 5.3-4.9/9.8.

The pipes that connect to the pump are 3" in diameter.

Do you know which pump I should replace it with?





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JawJa1 posted this 05 May 2019


When we let the 'magic smoke' out of something that is electrical/electronic...

It is generally toast...

If the pump section is good... you may get by with only a motor.

Since I am relatively new to pools... I am gonna defer to the PRO's to walk you through whether to go motor or pump.

Best of luck to you on this repair!



InyoRob posted this 06 May 2019

Hello Anthony - The drop-in complete replacement pump would be the Hayward Tri-Star model SP3205EE.

If the front end of the pump is in a good condition, you can just replace the motor. The replacement motor would be model B845. We'd recommend replacing the seals when you replace the motor. The seal kit is part number GOKIT81

Anthony1234 posted this 08 May 2019

 Awesome!  Thank you for the great help!



InyoRob posted this 08 May 2019

You're welcome, Anthony. Good luck!