MaxE Pump or motor replacement

  • Last Post 20 June 2018
KEPPool posted this 16 June 2018

 I currently have a MaxE Pro pump, P6E6E-206L, that is nearing 8 years old.  The motor is starting to indicate time for new bearings.  Guess I have 3 options, replace bearings, replace motor or replace pump. So I have some questions. 

If I replace the entire pump, was thinking of the 2 speed version, P6RA6YF206L, but am confused about which motor it comes with.  Specs state 1.1 SF which would indicate UQS1152R model but I thought that motor was replaced with the 1.65 SF model, SQS1102R.  
Which motor comes with a new P6RA6YF206L?

Is it possible to just replace my current single speed AE100EHL motor on existing pump with the 2 speed SQS1102R motor? 
I think I would need a different impeller and impeller screw otherwise the normal items that you would replace, such as shaft seal and o rings. 
If possible, what all would you suggest I order and the price?

Note: I was told by a pool store that the motor replacement kits that include a shaft seal, o-rings, etc were made by third party and typically have inferior parts, especially the shaft seal and it is preferred to order the OEM parts.  Is that true?

InyoRob posted this 20 June 2018

Thank you for contacting Inyo. The service factor for the 2-speed 1.5HP P6RA6YF206L is 1.65. The replacement motor would be part number SQS1152R.

You could replace the motor on your single speed 1HP P6E6E206L with the 2-speed 1HP SQS1102R. You would not need to replace the impeller because the total HP of both motors is 1.65. The seal kit would be part number GOKIT79.

The aftermarket parts are as good as the OEM in my opinion. There is an aftermarket viton shaft seal that is more durable than the original. The part number is 35-423-1096.