Mary M Earll

  • Last Post 26 August 2020
westies posted this 02 August 2020

My pool became cloudy 4 weeks ago  I have tried everything including  adding flocculant,  shocking the pool several times adjusting chemicals .   it is still cloudy  I even had a pool exripert come and check this out   He added chemicals to lower the akalinity and adjust all the chemicals   I have tested the water every day and the chemicals are in balance  PH, chlorine, free chlorine  etc.   He told me to add shock again which I did.  After two more days still cloudy   I asked him if it has to do with the laterals in the samd tank   He said no he didn't see sand in the pool return, I have a 15 foot above ground pool.   I just installed a new pump   works perfectly but I still have the problem with cloudy water   Do I need to drain the pool below the return and replace the sand in my filter or what will help if anything

Inyohector posted this 26 August 2020

It sounds as if your pool was green prior to cloudy so if so here is a guide we put together that may assist. It is more difficult for a sand filter to clear up algae or cloudiness so it may just take time, and TLC to get clear. With algae dead and staying dead, the chemistry in par, the only thing left is filtration to rid the impurities until cleared.