I wrote this last weekend and have not heard back so I'm writing again.  I am replacing my spa and pool lights and want to make sure I purchase the correct fixtures but I have a few questions as well. First off, the LED pool light bulbs page is different than the one I was looking at over the weekend.  My questions:

the PureColor PL5816 spa light has no matching pool light or am I missing it

If I want matching color lamps I can only choose from the ColorSplash, is this correct?  

Can I mix the PureColor spa w/ the ColorSplash pool light?  if not then my only choice is LPL-P2-RGB-12 for the pool and LPL-S2-RBG-12 for the spa, is this correct

I have attached photos as reference.  I will also need the gaskets for the pool and spa