Leaking Super Pump

  • Last Post 01 August 2017
mfrank posted this 26 July 2017

I have a Hayward Super Pump Model SP2610X15. It started leaking from the bottom, probably leaking from the shaft seal, so I replaced the motor seal (both parts), as well as the housing and diffuser gaskets. The leak stopped immediately and remained dry for 12+ hours. At 24 hrs it was leaking again. I opened it up, couldn't see anything wrong, but replaced the motor seal again. (Both times using brand new replacement parts.) Same thing happened. Bone dry for 12+ hours, but at 24 hrs I saw that it was leaking again. Any suggestions of where to look next?

Service posted this 01 August 2017

Hi mfrank,

I would try a Hayward Super Pump Go Kit this kit will give you all the o-rings and gaskets for your pump. It may be that Key #8 or #12 listed in this Super Pump Parts Diagram may be the issue.

Thank You