Leak conduit and need suggestion on light

  • Last Post 08 January 2018
na92129 posted this 08 January 2018

I have a leak which I believe is from the cable conduit because the water was coming out of the electrical wire pipe - it took lots of digging to find it.  The light was also shorted.  So I need a recommendation for a replacement light - I took a picture inside the nitche and it lists model # SP601 and P/N SP601A.  What is the best option to replace the light with?

I also need a recommendation on the best way to fix this leak issue - I assume all I need to replace the conduit.  Any pointers on how to do this myself - my first time.

Thank you

InyoRob posted this 08 January 2018

SP601/SP601A is a part number for a spa size light niche. Are you looking for an incandescent or LED light? Do you need a 12v or 120v light? How many feet of cord will you need?

As far as fixing the leak, You can use a cord stopper when you install the new light. This will seal the conduit. You can also use a 2-part underwater epoxy to seal the hole at the conduit or any other holes in the niche.