I’m a fairly new pool owner.  We’ve owned our house and pool for 4 years and inherited all the pool equipment from it’s prior owners.  The first couple of years I had a professional do everything, but we were taken advantage of a couple of times and felt that some of the people we hired weren’t doing a very good job, and I came to realize that if I was going to keep on top of the pool I needed to learn to service it myself.  Two summers ago I installed a new salt cell system myself, and learned how to manage the chemistry.  This last summer we only paid someone to open and close the pool and I took care of the rest.  This s year I’m going one step further and opening myself.

Our pool is an in-ground gunnite pool, roughly 35k gallons. The original system was all Jandy.  It has a 1.65hp Jandy stealth pump for the main filter, and two separate additional Jandy stealth pumps for a slide and a water feature respectively.  The system is controlled with Aqualink RS.   Every year when we winterize the pool we shut down all the power to the control panel.  However the Jandy control panel was set up to control all the outdoor lights and power-  and I’ve found this to be problematic when I would like to turn on lights or temporarily use the outdoor power after the pool has been closed for the season.  So late this fall, when such a need arose, I thought I was clever and switched on the power to the Jandy panel, but immediately put it into service mode-  because that way I could switch on lights and other things while keeping the pool pumps and heater etc... offline.  I figured it was fine to leave it like that.  Well, I know our pump ( approximately 8 years old, and seemingly in fine shape) was working then, but today when I opened up the pool it wouldn’t turn on.  Silence.  Nothing.  Oops.  

After thinking a while on how this happened, I’m pretty sure my leaving the power on was the culprit.  During the winter months it’s not uncommon for us to experience power failures.  We have a backup generator for this purpose- but it only cycles on 30seconds after detecting loss of power, causing any device to effectively hard reset.   I noticed today that if the Jandy panel was set to service mode and the breaker was reset, it reset itself back to auto mode- and that would have attempted to turn on the filter pump.  I’m pretty sure this happened, and the filter pump ran while dry and burned out the motor.  I’m feeling pretty stupid about now.  This was an expensive mistake!!

So anyway, when this happens, is it typically just the motor  that’s damaged?  Or the whole pump?  Can I just replace the motor?  I’d like to upgrade it to a variable speed motor/pump can you recommend a replacement?

Finally, is there a way for me to keep power to my Jandy panel during pool closure, but prevent any of the other parts from accidentally turning on after a power reset?  I don’t want this to ever happen again!!

thanks!  I can send a pic of the motor housing and Jandy panel so you know just what I have in my system!