Jandy LRZ 250 EN not lighting

  • Last Post 11 June 2021
Scott62 posted this 08 June 2021

I have a Jany/Zodiak LRZ250EN that will not light.  It worked fine at the beginning of the year and I can light the burners with a match and the heater works as it should.  When I turn the heater on it goes through its safety checks and opens the gas valve.  I do not see the igniter glow and it turns off the gas after 5-7 seconds as it should and I can smell the gas.  I replaced the igniter assembly and gasket and it did not resolve the problem.  I'm looking for help on what I can test upstream from the igniter to troubleshoot the problem.

Service posted this 11 June 2021

Hi Scott,

My first suggestion was going to be replacing the ignitor. Pool heater troubleshooting can get quite complex so I would suggest reaching out to the manufacture directly through this link here https://www.jandy.com/en/support

Thank You