Jandy Aqualink - Can I make upgrades?

  • Last Post 20 May 2022
POOLSHER posted this 29 January 2018

Hi all, i've been looking into my pool equipment and have decided to make things work for me rather than having to go shift valves around all the time.

I have a Jandy AquaLink system with 2 actuators, the board reads PCB#8124A  Assembly#8125  and Chip is PDA-PS8 (8273) 5.0

I have three things that i'd like to achieve:

1.) Can I upgrade this to the iAquaLink and use my phone or do I basically have to scrap this board altogether to get the phone app capability?

2.) Can I upgrade to a two-speed pump or does this not have that capability?  I've heard that I can add a relay but not sure if that works in my case.

3.) Can I add 2 additional actuators for a total of 4, to this controller?  I have 2 skimmers, each with its own valve, and I want them to close automagically when the pool vac kicks in.  Currently the vac is only at half the PSI it needs in order to be effective unless I manually close the skimmers.


Thanks for any advice !

Buythepound posted this 20 May 2022

First of all I'm no expert just a fellow pool owner. I have the Aqualink RS PDA that I installed myself . I believe there is a model iAqaulink that works with all boards, not all do. I found it last year but never pulled the trigger. 
second I have a two speed pump and all you need to buy is the two speed relay.

third I bei read the actuators can be piggybacked, the limitation is the transformer output. So you would need to add up all the actuators current and see if your current power supply can handle it. I wouldn't cut it close though so if it is upgrade to a higher current transformer. 
hope this helps