I'm a long time viewer, first-time poster here. I have a question related to plumbing and decreasing turnover time that I was looking for some assistance with. (I think this is in the right category, if not, please move).

I have a 37,500 gallon Sylvan pool that has 1.5-inch plumbing. It has two skimmers and two returns. However, it also has a separate 1.5-inch line for the Polaris booster pump that taps the main return line (e.g. there appears to be ONE return line that feeds both returns in the pool).

We do not use the Polaris at all and use a Robot instead. Because the rest of the equipment has 2-inch plumbing (the DE filter and the Heater). I was wondering if it would be possible to place a set of 2" manifolds on the source lines from the skimmers and the drain on the input, and the two 1.5" lines on the output  (utilizing the unused 1.5" line to the Polaris as well as the existing return line) as a  way to increase the return capability of the system.

It seems to me that this should be possible as a way to increase the flow past the limits of what 1.5" pipe alone would provide. Is this a reasonable solution? I realize it would require a bigger and more sophisticated pool pump, as the 1HP Superpump in place today may not be adequate for the task.

Any pointers you can provide would be helpful. Thank you in advance.