I think something is missing?

  • Last Post 20 January 2020
ImNate posted this 19 January 2020

New house to me, the house was made in 1973, so the pool can't be older than that. I bought a new skimmer, but it just sits on top of these two holes, and doesn't seal. I looked at a few youtube videos and it seems there should be more housing that the skimmer valvue float thing sits on top of, almost like some sort of cover plate is missing. Is that replaceable, and if so what's it called, or does the whole housing need to be replaced?



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InyoRob posted this 20 January 2020

We'd be glad to assist you. When you say a new skimmer, are you referring to a skimmer basket or a complete skimmer? Is there a part number on the item you bought?

ImNate posted this 20 January 2020

 I bought a new basket, and and float thing.

Float thing: 8650-39

That's the part that doesn't actually block the water from coming in the top, it just rushes around the sides.

ImNate posted this 20 January 2020

the old one did the same thing, water just rushed in from around the outside of it

InyoRob posted this 20 January 2020

An o-ring should have been included with the Float Valve Assembly (8650-39). Did an o-ring come with the assembly?