I need a new pump/motor same HP?

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tombren posted this 10 February 2017

My pump is leaking and the motor is noisy, so I figure it's time to change it out. I did a feet of head calculation, and am getting ridiculous numbers >100. As an example there are thirteen 90 degree elbows visible, they're a combination of 1.5" and 2", so that alone is about 100 ft of head if I understand the calculation correctly. Yes, I am going to re-plumb. I've been in the house 7 years, and the pump looked old then. It's a 1.0 HP Magnetek part # 10-164303-22, 3450rpms, and wired for 220. Can I put in any 1.0 HP motor, single speed, dual, or variable? It seems like there's a bit more to it than that?




InyoRob posted this 10 February 2017

Hello Tom - You could go with a single, dual or variable speed motor/pump. We would recommend replacing the entire pump with a variable speed option. A variable speed pump can save up to 80% on your electrical consumption. The PureLine Prime model PL2605 is our most affordable and durable variable speed pump.

Also, replumbing and eliminating 90° elbows will lower the feet of head. By doing that, you could run the variable speed pump at a lower speed and enjoy greater savings.

PureLine Prime Variable Speed Pool Pump 1.65 HP - PL2605