I am cleaning my filter every 5 days.

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JimInOroValley posted this 30 July 2018

I have a 12,000 gallon inground pool with a Hayward Swimclear C3025 and recently replaced the motor with a 1 1/2 hp full rate model.  I do have solar heating but don't currently need it.  The pump runs 11 hours a day.

After cleaning, the pressure is at 14 psi. Within five days it is approaching 30 psi.  With the current heat wave the cycle is getting shorter.  By adjusting the suction valve I can prolong the time a day or two but I don't know if enough water is cycling through.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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InyoRob posted this 31 July 2018

Hello Jim - Thank you for contacting Inyo. The Swimclear 3025 should go longer between cleaning cycles on a 12,000 gallon pool. Is the pool cloudy or is it crystal clear?

JimInOroValley posted this 31 July 2018

Crystal clear.  I do live on the edge pf the desert and have been fighting (successfully) black alge but the fillters are seldom really dirty. Yesterday I cleaned the filters and adjusted the suction/cleaning valve near the pool to where I was running at 10 psi.  Last night we had one of our summer monsoon storms with both rain and dust.  This morning the psi is just under 12 (which seems good).

I had no instruction on the on the pool when I bought the house a year ago.  The pool company the was servicing it told me I did not have a big enough filter capacity and sold me a used Swimclear.  Maybe I had the valve too far open.  Is that even possible?  The pool cleaning company did not work out and I have taken care of the pool myself.  Being retired it gets cleaned every day including a good steel brush job on the sides and bottom.  It is clean, it is just the rising psi that is a problem.

InyoRob posted this 31 July 2018

Cartridges can get clogged up with oils and debris over time and a normal hosing off won't be sufficient. It's possible that the cartridges need to be soaked in a filter cleaner. This will remove oil, grease, and other debris. The result should be a longer time period between cleanings.

JimInOroValley posted this 31 July 2018

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

InyoRob posted this 31 July 2018

You're welcome. Good luck!