I have an old NatureSoft SWG that was diagnosed with the PCB-RITE board failure.  Mine is really old and has a 20A glass fuse in the bottom.  The replacement board is aftermarket and is really close but some of the wiring is different.  

I am good with removing the board and installing the new one.  I am good with the power input jumpers.  Mine has the gray, violet, white and blue wires on the top left of the board.  I am confident on how to connect the Yellow and Orange wires.

Here are the differences with wires that I am not sure how to connect.

ONE - Mine has a small cooling fan that has no place to connect on the new board. It is the red and black small gauge pair that connect right across from the power input wires.

TWO - The red and black wires are different on mine.  My unit appears to have two relays and I am not sure how to connect the red and black wires.

THREE - There is another pair of small gauge black wires that come from a "cyclinder" on top of the bottom relay and connect to the PCB.  I do not know what to do with that pair either.

Pictures posted below.  Any suggestions?