HIGHER EFFICIENCY Replacement motor

  • Last Post 25 April 2023
DereksPool posted this 25 April 2023


My Daughter has Hayward pump and the 2Hp K48M2N111 motor is not starting. 

1.  Any troubleshooting tips?

2.  I see you said a direct replacement motor was Cetury (A.O. Smith) 2.0 HP Up Rate Motor, Round Flange 56J Frame, Single Speed - Model UST1202. IS THIS STILL THE CASE?

3.  I read that there was greater efficiency regulations passed. What would be needed to achieve this?   Would installing this UST1202 Do it?




InyoRich posted this 25 April 2023

Hi Derek, and thank you for the questions!  

We would recommend checking our guide on "Why Did My Pool Pump Motor Quit?" to see if you can diagnose it.  If the motor is old, it may need to be replaced, but you can also try to diagnose the start or run capacitor if you are handy.  

We still recommend the UST1202 as a direct replacement for your K48M2N111 motor.  

If you live in California the Title 20 regulations will force you to get a variable speed motor replacement.  Regardless of where you may live, for the best efficiency, we would recommend replacing it with the V-Green EVO 2.25 HP Up Rate VS Motor, Round Flange 56J Frame, Variable Speed - Model EVC225.  These pumps can actually pay for themselves if you run them even a little bit slower.  

Be sure to get a tune-up kit for the pump if you replace the motor so you can replace the shaft seal for a leak-free installation!