Hayward Aquarite Salt Level 0

  • Last Post 09 August 2017
MarySparks posted this 01 August 2017

My salt generator is not reading salt level it always says 00. I replaced the cell and still does same thing

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MarySparks posted this 01 August 2017

It shows water flowing after it starts and reads temperature and other stuff just not salt level

InyoRob posted this 01 August 2017

The average salt level needs to be reset when you replace the cell.

1) To reset, turn the unit to Off and then back to Auto. Wait for the relay to click (5 to 10 seconds).

2) Press the Diagnostics button 5 times to display the Instant Salt Level. Wait for the number to settle.

3) Cycle Main Switch from Auto to Super Chlorinate and back to Auto.

Let us know if that helps your salt cell reading.

InyoRob posted this 09 August 2017

Hello Mary - We received a message from you stating the salt level is still reading zero. 

Press the diagnostic button on your Aquarite system until a T# is displayed. That T# should match your cell number. If your cell says T-CELL-15, the number on your display should say T15. Let us know if that matches.