HAYWARD pump turns off at EXACTLY 15 mins. Every. Single. Time.

  • Last Post 23 September 2021
EricStanek posted this 16 September 2021


I have a large pool with a Hayward System which includes an Omnilogic Controller and a Tri Star VS 900 pump. The system is 4 years old. Our season runs from mid May thru mid Oct. (5 months)

Recently, the pump decided it would only run for 15 mins EXACTLY. Doesn't matter if started via program schedule or manual override. (Both via Omnilogic controller) Skimmer is clear, basket is clear, backwash done, motor is cool to touch. Even took pump apart and impeller is perfectly clean. Just pushing air, the motor still stops at exactly 15 mins. Every. Single. Time.

Hayward customer service is terrible. Almost criminal. Hoping someone here can help me troubleshoot.

Apparently, these motors only last 4 seasons (that is ridiculous) so I am willing to purchase a new motor to narrow down the issue. Worst case, it solves nothing, (therefore an issue with the Omnilogic controller) and I have a spare motor for when it does fail. But, where do I find a replacement motor that matches? They change the model numbers 10 times per year it seems.

Pump Data:  

Tri Star VS 900
230 V
0.4 – 11.0 Amps
1.85 THP

Thanks in advance for any help!

InyoRob posted this 23 September 2021

It sounds like the flow monitoring is enabled. The system will shut off the pump after 15 minutes if it doesn't detect enough flow. You may have already done this, but clean or backwash the filter. Make sure there are no valves that are turned to an off position. Lastly, increase the RPMS of the pump. If the issues persist, we recommend contacting an authorized technician. There may be an issue with the OminiLogic.