Hayward Pump Motor Replacement

  • Last Post 28 May 2021
midtennc10 posted this 24 May 2021

I have a Hayward Tristar VS pool pump that I'm trying to find the correct replacement motor. I've looked on your site but didn't see a direct replacement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Tristar VS Pump / model: SP3202VSP / serial# 21111812051915005 / install date 05/19

Century motor / M48AB35A04 / 1.85 THP / RPM 600-3450 / S.F. 1 / Fr 48Y / Type M

SP3210Z1ECM2 / S341180011529 / serial# 3051803738

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Service posted this 26 May 2021


Thanks for the photos!

You will require this Hayward Tristar Replacement Power End and this Hayward Tri Star Tune Up Kit

Thank You



midtennc10 posted this 26 May 2021

 Thanks for the reply, I was hoping for a motor replacement only. Thanks

Service posted this 28 May 2021


If you wanted to go with a less expensive motor replacement then you could go with either of these two motors.

1.65 HP Century V-Green Variable Speed Motor


2.7 HP Century V-Green Variable Speed Motor

If you go this route and you currently have an Hayward indoor control system then you would no longer be able to operate the speeds of the pump from the indoor controller as all of the programming of the speeds is done the controller of the pump motor. Your timer or control system would power up the pump then the programming of the motor would take over from there. 

If you went with either of the 2 motors above then you will need an impeller change. Here is the 1.65 Tristar Impeller and here would be the 2.7 HP Tristar Impeller. Both options would require this TriStar Tune Up Kit.

Thank You