You guys are the best and I subscribe to your You Tube channel. You guys/girls are so smart and well up to date with everything pools. My pool has been so off this year. 10 years and never an issue, but now issues. Have a 24 round 13867 gallon above ground pool. Opened to green, never before. Opened to weird things in water. Never before. Used 15 shocks, 5 lbs of granules and 9 pucks over 2 weeks and still cant register a chlorine level. My cya, ph and alkalinity is perfect is perfect and my water is now perfect blue but still cant hold chlorine for more then  a few hours. Super weird. Local pool place said use Phos Free even though I a barely had any. A tinge of blue in kit. Said possibly eating Chlorine. Before that I did an algae blast. After all this still no register of chlorine. And I have cleaned grids and started whole filter housing over 3 x in 3 weeks. That's one issue.

2nd issue is that I cant understand what my pool pump is. My other 2 pumps clearly read 1 Hp. This one says HP 1.0-.16. What is .16. I have a Power Flo Matrix Hayward 2 speed pump. Ever since I got this pump (ma the end of last year ) I have gotten DE in the pool. Whole pool covered in it. I did notice a crack in the bottom of the DE cartridge  base assembly and so I put a new one in today, hoping that would help but I still saw DE in pool tonight. I am so fed up w pool and cant figure it out this time. Can you help. Everything else seems good. Inspected grids. Look good.  Top of filter grid manifold housing looks great. Nothing else looks bad. My PSI has been up all year. From initial run. From 12 to a start of 15 /15.5. Not sure if that is anything. Again please help? You are the best INYO!