Hayward Pool pump shuts off after several seconds

  • Last Post 16 December 2019
Sandman posted this 14 December 2019

On power up motor is louder than usual; shaft and impeller seem to spin, but motor cuts off after several seconds.  Internal motor circuit breaker (CB) trips and motor will shut off temporarily (sometimes control panel CB will trip).  Input wiring is
  Green -> (GRD);
  Red -> A (LO);
  Black -> L1 (HI);
  White -> L2 (COM);
On power up, HI = 155vac, LO = 232vac; when internal trip takes place, both jump to 240vac.   Start capacitor measures good.  I have primed the pump (filled with water etc).  I can turn the impeller, and the shaft turns when I do so.  Any ideas?

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Sandman posted this 14 December 2019

The pump is the 2 speed Hayward SP3220Z2BE

InyoRob posted this 16 December 2019

It sounds like you might have a bad phase winding. When the windings go, it's time to replace the motor. The direct replacement motor would be part number SPX3220Z2BER.

Hayward Motor, 2hp Full 2-speed Tristar 208/230v (spx3220z2ber, sp3220z2ber)