I have a Hayward OmniLogic with a TurboCell TCELL 925 that was installed three weeks ago. 

We added salt to the pool and tested independently with an electronic salt meter that was calibrated to a known sample of 300 ppm. It has a reading of ~3200 ppm with is where it should be. 

The pool is early in the season in the Northeast and we have not turned on the pool heater and the water temperature is ~62F. 

The salt meter reading on the OmniLogic chlorinator is at 2300 average salt and it has been near that reading since we installed the meter. 

The Aqua-Rite version of OnmiLogic has a way to recalibrate the salt meter. Link is here for the Aqua-Rite. http://www.inyopools.com/HowToPage/how_to_recalibrate_the_salt_level_on_a_hayward_aqua_rite.aspx

I cannot find any documentation that explains how to recalibrate the salt meter reading in an OmniLogic. 

Does the forum have any advice on how to handle it? The constant error message of the low salt level that is not true is distracting.