Hayward Gas Pool Heater - IF error

  • Last Post 30 September 2020
CindyK posted this 29 September 2020

Hello, We have a Hayward Universal H Series Gas Pool Heater. Brand new but we keep getting an IF error. The tech has already diagnosed everything. The only unusual thing he found was that the gas valve reading is low internally. He tried calling Hayward support to no avail. Any suggestions on what the issue might be? Are there common issues with this heater? 

Thank you, Cindy

InyoRob posted this 30 September 2020

The IF Error code would stand for ignition failure. After three attempts to get and keep a strong efficient flame, an "IF" code will be displayed if it fails.

If it's the flame sensor then either it's dirty, faulty, or it may be telling the truth.  If there is a poor flame due to poor air-to-gas mix then it will take a gas appliance technician with a manometer to check and adjust the gas valve.  If it is a poor flame due to poor air flow or gas flow into the combustion chamber then cleaning the jets (burner orifices) and maybe foreign matter blocking air flow in and out of the combustion chamber would solve this.