Halogen pool light fixture replacement with LED

  • Last Post 16 April 2018
Gaeltir posted this 16 April 2018

I have two 6" Halogen 250 watt pool light fixtures that have both failed with broken receptacles. Both are Pentair, one is their model V-373574, and the other is their older American Products Aqua-Light model 827375 or PN 98711000.

Each is mounted into a wet niche in my Pebbletech pool.

They need 50' and 80" cords, respectively.

Will your PL5861 and PL5862 work in this application for mounting in my two niche and for light emitted to be similar to what they are replacing?

InyoRob posted this 16 April 2018

Hello Gaeltir - The PL5861 and PL5862 will replace your older fixtures. They would not be as bright. Our spa size fixtures have the light equivalency of a 100w light. We do not have a spa size led light similar to 250 watts.